Kukkaisvoima git repository

From time to time somebody (you know who you are) keep asking, if I will set up public revision control repository for Kukkaisvoima. I have been using Git distributed revision control from the beginning, so it seemed to be logical to put up public Git repository for Kukkaisvoima, so I did that. You can now find the public Git repository of Kukkaisvoima here: http://github.com/Petteri/kukkaisvoima/tree/master. The Git clone url can be found at that page and general Git instructions can be found from the Git User's Manual.

Current Kukkaisvoima version does not seem to have any bugs and I don't have any plans for new features, so I don't think I will update the source code too often. When I do, I will put those fixes to that repository. All patches are also welcome.

Categories: Kukkaisvoima
Date: 2009-04-27 21:37:22