Kukkaisvoima version 6

Kukkaisvoima version 6 is here. This is a minor release since it don't yet have most of the features I listed couple of days ago.

Major point for this release is fixing the index collision bug again. Last time a managed to not include the whole code in the release :P. I noticed this by accident, as I lost my development version of the code and had to install fresh copy of version 5.

Version 6 also separetes setting to their own file as suggested by Kristian here and includes nice kukka.css file which is example css so that fresh install will get sidebar on the left side.

Categories: Kukkaisvoima
Date: 2007-03-17 22:29:38

Features missing from Kukkaisvoima

Here is a list of features I intend to include in the next versions of Kukkaisvoima. They will be done as soon as I get some inspiration and time to code.

  • Example style sheet. It maybe hard to position sidebar without any css knowledge.
  • Option for comments authors to get reply notices to email. This maybe somewhat complicated.
  • Option to show only part of the blog entry in the main page.
  • Somekind of utility to remove offensive comments or spam. Maybe just a simple commandline script.
  • CAPTCHA to help fight spam. I don't really like those pictures with obfuscated text, so maybe just some simple arithmetic question will do.
  • Archive page for more detail listings of the blog entries.
  • Simple search and search page.
Categories: Kukkaisvoima
Date: 2007-03-11 23:29:38