Kukkaisvoima suvi 67

I wrote version of Kukkaisvoima with the C programming language. Its purpose is not to replace the Python version. I just wrote it to see, how easy would it be to convert Kukkaisvoima to some other platform. Since Kukkaisvoima is quite small app, converting it was not that hard. Maybe I should do Haskell or Oz version next.

The C version can use the same blog entry files as the Python version. You can see live demo of the Kukkaisvoima suvi 67 here. It should be mostly indentical with the Python version. Maybe little faster.

If you are interested in the source, I put it to Kukkaisvoimas homepage. Here is a direct link to the source. It is not packaged in any way, so it is just one plain C file. If your webserver has cgi support and GCC, you can use it easily. Just remember to change the defines on the source to match your settings. Compiling it is quite straightforward: gcc kukkaisvoima_suvi_67.c -o index.cgi.

Comparing to current Python Kukkaisvoima, it lacks comment support and only ascii characters are supported in blog entry filenames. Some access Urls have also been streamlined. Reason for not implementing comments at this point is that Python version uses pickle module for comments. I can't add support for those types of comments nicely. It should be easy to do something similar, like just plain txt file comments, and I might add that later if I have inspriration.

Writing Kukkaisvoima from scratch gave me couple of nice refactoring ideas, which I plan to implement with the Python version later.

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Date: 2008-01-27, 10 years and 270 days ago


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