Perfect ten (Kukkaisvoima version 10)

Time flies. It is almost three (3) years since last official Kukkaisvoima release. Version 9 was working fine, but as usual, there is always some room for improvement, so here is version 10.

There were slowly (but steadily) coming comments to this blog. I noticed that commenting was not that polished. Comment validation was missing. Invalid comments were discarded properly, but no errors were reported to the user commenting a blog entry. I myself was bit by this, when posting a longish comment on friends Kukkaisvoima blog. Long and thoughtful blog comment gone in a blink of an eye. It hurts. So now there is Javascript comment validation. Hopefully it will prevent similar errors.

Second new feature of version 10 is Gravatar support. Gravatar is nice way to map email address to globally available avatar picture. Since Kukkaisvoima was already saving email addresses of blog commentator, it was no-brainer to link those emails to gravatar images. So now Kukkaisvoima has nice picture beside every comment. Of course Gravatar support can be easily turned off, if one does not want to be affiliated with Gravatar.

Option to get email notifications about new comments was also added. New comments will be sent to commentators who have subscribed for notifications. Notification email will also include nice one click URL that can be used to unsubscribe from the notifications.

Lastly there were some outside contributions to cleanup the Kukkaisvoima source from some inconsistencies. Thanks for those.

For full changes and the source code modifications can be seen Kukkaisvoima's source repository at Github..

Although I tried to test the commenting system, there might be some bugs still. Bugs can be reported to Kukkaisvoima's issue tracker at Github.

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Date: 2011-03-29, 7 years and 28 days ago


  1. Ian Barrow:
    2011-03-30, 7 years and 27 days ago

    Tried this last weekend, liked it a lot, now version ten

    I'am only playing with it at the moment, but will probably use it for a blog or two..

    How do you pronounce ' Kukkaisvoima'



  2. Petteri:
    2011-03-30, 7 years and 27 days ago

    Hi, Kukkaisvoima can be quite hard to get started with, but at least it works for me nicely. There is also some other nice blogs running Kukkaisvoima, so I would guess that it works for others also.

    If you plan to have a public blog with Kukkaisvoima, notice that you probably want to deny the access to file, since it can contain some sensitive information. This can be done for example with apache's .htaccess file.

    About the Finnish pronunciation, it is quite easy, as you pronounce the word as it reads, letter by letter. So no need to guess anything (other than the letters since they are pronounced differently from english :)).

  3. Ian:
    2011-03-30, 7 years and 27 days ago

    Hello... Your instructions were good and easy to get Kukkaisvoima up and running for me, (I had to wrestle with paths a little.)
    and I added the .htaccess file to the directory as you said.
    I guess due to python getting the data for the timestamp from the server has meant that the time is always out for me, but I hacked around in index.cgi to not include the time part of the date/time stamp ( i did this in v9 so is not done it in v10 yet) which is fine as I only want the date displayed not the whole timestamp.

    as I said at the moment I am just playing.... but I have plans to use this as a blog in the future.

    do you have any thoughts to include markdown support or would this spoil the philosophy of only having one python script.

    btw, think I'm OK with pronunciation now ..... ;-)


  4. Ian:
    2011-03-31, 7 years and 26 days ago

    Time stamp hack I had in V 09 is not needed in version 10 as there is a datetime config variable to set in settings -- Brilliant

  5. Petteri:
    2011-03-31, 7 years and 26 days ago

    About the markdown support. I personally have not found any need for it. My blog entries contain only text, links and maybe some pictures. For these, I have to only use three html tags: "p", "img" and "a href".

    I think it would be quite possible to hack markdown support for Kukkaisvoima, but as you said it would just bloat the source ;)

    Couple of years ago someone sent me email about his Kukkaisvoima setup. He said he would write entries with somekind of wikimarkup (don't remember what it was) and then run some program to generate valid html from it for the blog entries. That could always be one approach.

    I my self try to keep blog writing as simple as possible, so at least for now I am sticking with plain old html.

  6. sleddog:
    2011-04-03, 7 years and 23 days ago


    Email notifications seem to work find though I do see a change from previously. The "From" address is only my email address, any text (e.g. my blog name) isn't sent. Not sure if it's (a) something I messed up, (b) my python version (2.5), or my SMTP server (Exim).

  7. sleddog:
    2011-04-03, 7 years and 23 days ago

    Forgot to enter my website address :)

  8. Petteri:
    2011-04-03, 7 years and 23 days ago

    I did a minor change to the email sending. I tried it out on my setup and it did not change anything, so I thought it would be fine, but it probably had some unwanted side effects.

    If you know Python, you can easily change back too previous behaviour by reverting the changes in sendEmail function. Here is the change:
    (first couple of lines). I can change those back in the next version.

  9. sleddog:
    2011-04-03, 7 years and 23 days ago

    The only change I can find that seems relevant is:

    Version 9:
    sender = 'Kukkaisvoima (%s) [%s]' % (baseurl, blogemail)
    msg['from'] = sender

    Changed to:
    sender = 'Kukkaisvoima blog (%s) [%s]' % (baseurl, blogemail)

    If I add back the "msg['from']" line, then the email I receive contains a garbled 'from' line in the BODY of the message.

  10. Petteri:
    2011-04-03, 7 years and 23 days ago

    Thanks for the information. I have debug this some more when I have time.

  11. sleddog:
    2011-04-03, 7 years and 23 days ago

    Happy to help. Thanks for your work :)

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