This is not a pipe (jj version 2)

My favorite XMPP client has been working really nicely every day for the last couple of years. Since releasing jj version 1, I have added some minor features and fixed bugs.

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Categories: Jj, Jabber, English
Date: 2012-11-29, 5 years and 207 days ago

Event based Jabber/XMPP bot

Some time ago I wrote superb Jabber/XMPP client based on the ideas of even more superb IRC client ii. I named the client jj and put the source code to github. Since then me and my friends have been using jj for our Jabber MUC (multiuser chat room, something like channel in IRC). And it has been serving us nicely.

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Categories: Jabber, English, Jj, Avoin
Date: 2012-07-13, 5 years and 346 days ago