This is not a pipe (jj version 2)

My favorite XMPP client has been working really nicely every day for the last couple of years. Since releasing jj version 1, I have added some minor features and fixed bugs.

Here is a list of most important changes for jj version 2:

  • Support for MUC private messages
  • Status information to contact's directory
  • More precise time format for output

Writing status information every time contact's status information changes might use excess amount of disk space. I advice to monitor jj's disk space usage. Biggest status file found from my jj directory was only 1.5M, but there might be a problems with some other setups. There is also option -n to disable status output entirely if needed.

I am using some tools with my jj setup. I will put those to tools directory on the jj source code repository. For now there is only fecho utility. Fecho is a wrapper around echo that prevents blocking if one of jj's fifos does not read the input right away.

Version 2 of jj can be downloaded from jj's home page

For those who are interested the full source code changes of version 2 can be inspected at github.

Categories: Jj, Jabber, English
Date: 2012-11-29, 5 years and 147 days ago


  1. sebastian:
    2015-01-18, 3 years and 97 days ago

    no tls sypport for jj ?
    cannot connect to secured servers ?

  2. Petteri:
    2015-01-18, 3 years and 97 days ago

    Sadly so. I thought that it would just work with libloudmouth, but apparently it needs some work.

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